«Date: Rules of the Game»

«Date: Rules of the Game»
Elena Kirichenko

   Dreams2Reality Matchmaking Club hosted an event devoted to a burning question of each lady “Date: Rules of the Game”.

   The special time at a date, when a man and a woman can understand if they match, click and have chemistry between them, should be spent in the right way. As a rule, many people do not even bother to think about the rules of behavior at the date. The most important, they think, is to be yourself. Though, a lot of your success depends on how well you understand the purpose and the rules of the date.

   Ekaterina Korovkina explained the key moments on how to do the utmost at the meeting and have successful and pleasant date.

   One should not rely on Luck or Fate. The knowledge on how to help the partner feel easy and open up, and how to present yourself in the best way guarantees that there will be no unpredictable dates any more.

   The speaker pointed the mistakes that most people make and gave practical advice on how to present yourself at the date and impress the partner. 

   As a rule, women do their best to make a man fall for them. Though, the interest of a man should not be based on appearance of a lady, but on the personality she has and how much she could open up her charisma to him at their date.

   The participants shared their experience and got inspired by the information from the speaker.









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