Spring girl Tatiana

Spring girl Tatiana
Natalia Ivakhno
Club's senior manager

   Spring girl, she's light and airy, charming, beautiful, cheerful, sociable, elegant, meet her, this is our Tanusha!

   When I first met Tatiana, I felt a kind of warmth and intimacy in my soul, as if I've known this person for a very long time! It's so easy and comfortable to communicate with her that you start to recollect involuntarily, if you have known each other before?) Tatiana is a nice partner in conversation, she's a cute and gentle woman with a charming smile, this is a woman who definitely possess a good sense of humor, but she does not mind serious topics and sincere conversations at the same time.

   It's so easy to drown in these beautiful, blue eyes... And I think delicate and elegant lines of her figure just can not leave any man indifferent! But behind this stunning appearance, you can also easily see her inner beauty, this woman simply embodies such important feminine qualities as kindness, tenderness, sensitivity, femininity, sincerity and simplicity...

   Tatiana is a creative person, she is fond of sewing dolls and making various handmade souvenirs in her free time, she dreams to open once her own workshop for sewing and making children's toys and handmade souvenirs, as well as a small store for selling these goods.

   This is a very attentive and caring woman who treats building of a new relationship and her man with a gentle hand, you can always discuss and solve everything with her. The main formula of building successful and long-term relationship for Tatiana is respect, trust, the process of learning each other's needs, making common decisions and spending much time together.

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