You are already in Ukraine, what to do?

You are already in Ukraine, what to do?
Alisa Yakhimovich

   So, let's imagine the situation: you are in Ukraine now and want to get acquainted with a Ukrainian woman.   

   How can you do this?

   There are several options.

   1.) First option. You can try to get acquainted with a woman in the street or in cafe. It seems,why not? But there are 2 main reasons which may lead you to a complete failure. Firstly, probably this woman is not simply interested in communication with new people or she is not searching for a soulmate. So, be ready to hear the refusal. Secondly, it may be the language barrier as you probably don’t know Russian or Ukrainian language, and she is probably not good in English. This way you will fail in communication, it will be impossible to build a dialogue and know her better. 

   2.) Second option. You can quickly register on one of the online dating sites and try to find a woman there, tell her that you are in Ukraine and would like to drink coffee together. But no one can give you a 100% guarantee that her profile at the site is not a fake and she is really ready to meet. In addition, you don’t know the real search goals of this woman, probably she is not interested in you as a person at all and her main goal is asking for a gift or money. It’s definitely not what you are looking for.

   3.) You can also drop the idea of ​​dating, return back home, register at one of the dating sites and start your search without haste. But ask yourself a simple question, how much time will it take you to find her? You have to write letters, choose a woman, then prepare for a trip if she wants to meet with you too ... This process can take you a very long period of time, and remember – no one can give you a guarantee that this meeting will really happen. 

   As you can see, there are several options, but none of them guarantees a positive result for you. But there is a way out! If you are already in Ukraine, you can always contact us.

   A team of professional matchmakers will help you to find a woman and organize a real meeting with her. You are guaranteed to receive:

   - a personal selection of women, taking into consideration all your needs and requirements. Remember, we work only with real women who are also searching for their soulmate and interested in real meetings. The list of these women is huge, so the selection criteria can vary in a wide range. Moreover, we know all these women very well and we definitely know who will suit you the best.

   After the selection we will organize one or several meetings with women that you like!

   - We will also provide you an individual consultation regarding acquaintances and peculiarities of Ukrainian women mentality.

   Yes, we will not just give you the accounts of women on one of the dating sites. We will prepare and organize for you a real meeting! Remember: our team is result-oriented and the final result for us is creation of successful couples in real life. We work to make you happy.



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