Privacy policy, further the Website, and “Statford Group” business association, further the Company, respects the privacy of all Website users and guarantees the confidentiality of private information provided to the Website.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

   After the registration at the Website the User accepts this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. The usage of the Website, the meetings in Ukraine and any other personal information provided by the User at the Website are the subject of Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Protection of Personal Information

   Other Users do not have access to your personal and contact information in order to avoid any illegal actions towards you. Besides, For Users' security and creation of secure communication environment it is forbidden to publish any contact information at the Website and in personal communication. The Users of the Website are allowed to exchange contact information at the personal meeting after the mutual agreement by making such decision on their own.

   After the registration and before the profile is published and activated each User's profile is viewed by the employees of the Website to make sure that the information provided there is due to Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

   The profiles filled in with any other language but English can be translated to English by the employees of the Website.

  The Website reserves the right to control, view and suspend or delete the profiles if they violate the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

   Utilizing of Content and Personal Data of the Users

   All personal data about the User is saved and maintained by the Company according to the terms of the Regulations of Client Personal Data Security  of private limited liability company “Stratford Group”. The Company undertakes to abide by the personal data security rights legislation in accordance with the Law of Ukraine issued on  01.06.2010  N № 2297-VI (ed.  30.01.2018) “On Personal Data Security” and all amendments to this Law made during the period of the Agreement validity.
   The Users consents the collection, utilization and storage of following information:
- e-mail address and phone number;
- personal information which  the User posted in the profile;
- correspondence at the Website;
- page view statistics, incoming and outstreaming traffic at the Website, adding data, including IP addresses and standard web log information. 
  Maintenance of User's personal data is established according to the legislation of Ukraine. The Company maintains the personal data of the User in order to provide adequate services to the User and support of operations of the Website.  The Company employs all necessary  measures to protect the personal data of the User from unauthorized access,  alteration, revelation or termination.
  The Company gives access to the User's personal data only to those officials, contractors and agents of the Company, who need this information to provide operation of the Website and services to the User.
Provision of personal contact information of another User, to the User who ordered the service “Obtaining Personal Information” (family name, e-mail address, phone number) for further communication and building the relationship is possible only after the prior consent of the User who  is the owner of this personal information.
  The Company has the right to use the information provided by the User, including personal data, in order to maintain current statutory requirements of Ukraine (including the cases of prevention and/or intermittence of illegal and/or illegitimate actions of the User). Revelation of the information provided by the User can take place only in accordance with the current statutory requirements of Ukraine by request of the Court, law enforcement agencies and other statutorily required cases.
 Adoption of the current Agreement in present form is admitted by the Sides as the consent of the User to have their personal data maintained and the User consents that  the Company has the right to utilize all current materials (including photo-/videomaterials)  and information posted by the User on the Website without additional permission of the User  in any quantity and by any means which are not forbidden by the current statutory requirements of Ukraine and also  gives permission to get messages from the Company (including messages of advertising content).
 If the User has not proved a negative, any actions with their login or password are considered to be performed by the User.  In case of unauthorized access to login or password and/or personal page of the User, or revelation of login  and password, the User must inform the Company about this case immediately by means of emailing to the address

  User's Information Utilization

  The information provided by the User allows the Website associates to help people meet and build the relations. The Website does not convey information to third party.

  The conveyed information can be used only to improve the Website services.

  The Website uses the personal information to inform the Website Users about the news and upgrades by means of e-mails, notifications and personal messages.

  The Website also processes the collected information for evaluation of the Website performance, any issue reaction, for estimation of Users' action tendencies to identify the most popular service among the Users.

  The Website uses cookies to monitor the Users' performance and improvement of User's enjoyment of the Website. The cookies do not store the personal information that is why they cannot identify the person. The Users who do not want the cookies to be used can set the appropriate parameters in their web-browsers.

Administration of Your Personal Information

    In the personal account the User has full control to add and edit personal information. The User can change and edit personal information he/she provided in their account on the Website any time. Please, refresh the information in your profile in time.

   After the registration the User automatically subscribes for the Website mailout.  

Who has the access to your information

   The administration of the Website does not convey the personal data to the third party except the cases when the information convey to the third party is the legal requirement, according to the request of the personal data subject or in other cases set forth in the paragraph. We realize that the personal information is the value and inalienable content, including personal non-property rights of any private person, that is why we take all security measures to protect the User's personal information which was consciously and willingly provided to the Website administration.

   The profile of the User will be shown only at the Website and only to the registered Users of opposite gender. The exception is the limited amount of user profiles which by the Website administration decision and consent of the Users themselves can be shown to non-registered Users.

   Your personal information, including contact data, will not be conveyed, exchanged or sold to the third party which is not the User of the Website.

   The Website approves the exchange of messages and personal information that does not violate the Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions to communicate with other Users of the Website. The Website cannot guarantee the security and validity of information that the User willingly conveys to other Users.

   In case of necessity to carry out the investigation of User complaints or possible Law violations to protect the integrality and security of the Website and property of Stratford Group, to arrange the safety of the Users and the Website associates, the Website reserves the right to use and disclose any information without prior notice or consent of the User.

   Confidentiality and personal data security

   The User is an individual who provides personal data including name, family name, birthdate, phone number, e-mail address, during the registration and service utilization according to the Agreement.

   By providing personal data in agreeable volume the User (the Subscriber) individual consents that the personal data will  become public (only name, age, specified place of dwelling, parental and  marital status are accessible to other users) and consents its  utilization by the Company by automatic means as well as non-automatic means, in particular harvesting, saving and maintaining the data in order to cooperate according to the Agreement, sharing it with the agents and the third part who acts upon agreements with the Company in order to complete obligation towards the User.

   The Company maintains the provided personal data:
- for registration of the User at the Website;
- for compliance of its obligation towards the User;
- for evaluation and analyzing of the cooperation with the User;
- for sending out the informational and marketing materials, including text messages.

   The Company is obliged not to disclose the User's personal data. Disclosure  of information  according to reasonable and employed legal requirements is not considered as the breach  of obligation.

   The User is obliged not to disclose the information that  is the commercial confidentiality of the Company in case if such information was revealed to the User. The commercial confidentiality according to the Agreement is considered the information of manufacturing,  technical, economical, organizational character including the results of intellectual activity  and the information about the means of performing of professional activity which is of current or potential commercial value due to unavailability it to the third part which does not have legal access to this information.

   The User is solely liable for provision of authentic information and personal data and for updating this data in case of any  changes. In case of provision of unauthentic information/incorrect data,  The Company is not liable for completion of any obligation according to the Agreement and is not liable towards the third parts whose information by mistake (or on any other reason) was put on the form during the registration of the User  or was used by the latter in the process and/or for service consuming (obligation completion) according to the Agreement. In case of lodging a claim  connected with the maintenance of personal data of the third part to the Company, also in case of the Company's loss occurance  connected with such case,  the User is due to compensate this loss on first demand of the Company.

Storage Period of Personal Information

   The personal information is stored no longer than it is necessary for the goal of its utilization. Immediately after the subject of personal information stopped being the User of the Website by means of deleting his/her account, his/her personal information is also automatically deleted. 

Password control

  The User cannot reveal his password to the third party. If the User suspects that the password was accessible to the third party, he/she immediately should change his/her password. If the User cannot restore the access to his/her account at the Website, he/she should report this case to the Support service.


   The Website administration uses generally accepted standards of technical and operation security of information and personal data from the loss, incorrect usage, alteration and elimination. Even though we make a lot of effort to secure the personal data and information, we cannot guarantee the ultimate security from all threats outside the enlisted variants by the Website.

  The administration of the Website assures the application of all respective liabilities to honor confidentiality, technical and organizational measures of security to prevent unapproved or illegal disclosure and utilization of information and data, the cases of its loss, elimination or damage.

   We provide the access to information and personal data only to the authorized Website associates, who consented to secure confidentiality of information and signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement.  


    All charges for services of the Website are specified VAT inclusive without any additional charges.

   The secure and protected transaction method is used to make the payment. Your contact data and credit card data that are necessary for billing are provided by you to the separate payment Website through secure server. The data of the credit card is not saved and not displayed anywhere. All transactions are conducted through the international systems of safe payments.  

Return of credits

   If you want to stop using the Website on any reason and wish to return unused credits, you can do it under condition of your active account at the moment of request. Request The Support service for refund of unused credits before your account is deleted.

   The enquiry will be reviewed by the Support team within 7 days after enquiry.

   The information on the resolution will be sent to you by e-mail as a response to your enquiry.

   In case of positive outcome within 30 days from the date of the Support response, the remainder of the credits from your Website account will be forwarded to the account you stated in your enquiry for return of credits and you will be informed on this by the e-mail from the Support service.  

Changes in Privacy Policy

  The Website reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy. The rights of subjects of personal information mentioned in the present Privacy Policy (as revised from the current date) cannot be changed without their consent. All changed will be published on the Website with effective date.

  We recommend the Users to regularly look through the Privacy Policy to be updated on valid variant of Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us

   If you have questions on Privacy Policy, contact us by clicking the button «Support».

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