When you sign up with Dreams 2 Reality Club you can discover the world of the online meetings that can lead you to good results very fast. Our team of qualified specialists in the field of matchmaking and international meetings has created for you various unique services that aim at helping you find your soul mate. You get a possibility for real actions, saving time and achieving the desired result. 

   Our specially created service takes into consideration your interests:

- help with filling your profile. To create your image on the website you can use the recommendations of your Personal Manager regarding which photos and videos are better to upload and what you should emphasize when filling the necessary information about yourself.

- advice on how to carry on conversations with the ladies. Correspondence is a very intimate thing and it is just between you and the other person. But if you feel that sometimes you cannot express yourself completely in the letters your personal manager will help you understand what to pay attention to and how to make your correspondence comfortable for both you and the lady.

- personal favoring. If you want to get to know a certain lady and make sure that her impression of you is positive your personal manager will make some kind of a presentation of you to this lady. And all you will have to do later is just be yourself not thinking of different scenarios how to attract a lady.

- close communication with the personal manager. The service of the personal manager is created in order to make your time on the website the most efficient. You will get recommendations that actually work, practical advice, follow up, and even help in selecting ladies according to your personal criteria. All that will make you see that this approach is really efficient.

- video-call. As an additional option you can meet your lady on the video. You can see the ladies you like, ask them any questions you have and hear the answers right away during the video call. You will see sincere emotions, real reactions to your words and get to know the lady you like even more. Besides, the video-calls are carried out with the help of an interpreter who will help you understand each other, avoid misunderstandings and let the conversation be dynamic and unconstrained.

- gifts. If you correspond with a lady and want to surprise her but for some reason you cannot meet her personally you have a special possibility of ordering her a gift. This is a perfect way to show your feelings and sincere attitude to this lady.

- meetings arrangement. If your online relationships on the site are starting to transform into something bigger and you want to meet in person then the Club can offer you various services: date arrangement, considering all the desires of the couple and recommending the ways to spend time together, presence at the meeting, help with communication and translation. If you wish to make your stay in our country the most productive the Club can arrange for you several meetings with potential candidates to be your life-partner.

   Use these and many other instruments in building relationships that for sure will lead you to the desired result!

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