• Dreams2Reality Club is a unique service that aims to help Ukrainian ladies and foreign men find each other, get to know each other and meet in reality. More details in “About us”.

  • Registration on D2R.Club is free for all the users.

  • Register on our site can those users who at the time of registration  reached 18 years of age and who are not in official relations.= Only those users who at the time of registration reached 18 years of age and who are not in official relations can register on the website.

  • If you are not yet a D2R.Club member, click on the “sign up for free” button at the home page. You will be able to create an account using your email and creating a password or you can login with your Facebook account.

    Fill in the fields about yourself to get started. You  can also upload a thumbnail from your computer, Facebook account or take a selfie using a webcam.

  • You can use your email and password or log in using your Facebook account.

  • All the new profiles must be checked and approved by our support team before becoming visible. As soon as your profile is checked and verified, you will get an email from us and it will become visible for all the ladies and you can start communicating.

  • Affter registration on our site you need to fill all the fields marked with star (*) in your profile (or to fill your profile completely to get the free trial period). After you do so your profile will be moderated by the support service. Moderation takes 1-2 hours. Your profile will be activated after moderation, if it does not violate the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You will be informed of the successful activation or will be asked to make changes to your profile by message. 

  • Our support team can refuse to post your profile for the following reasons:

    1) It contains your personal information such as email, phone number, Skype, Facebook account number etc.

    2) The profile contains abusive language.

    3) Your pictures are abusive.

    4) Your picture quality is not good enough.

    5) You are under 18 y. o.

  • You should post a picture of yourself because:

    1) It shows that you are serious in your search

    2) It attracts ladies to your profile.

  • You can add up to 9 photos to your profile.

  • In order for your pictures to be approved by the support team and the profile to look appealing to the ladies please make sure your photos meet the following requirements:

    1) All pictures are recent.

    2) There is no nudity or overly sexual images.

    3) There is no weapon or drugs in the picture.

    4) Do not upload celebrity pictures or copyright material.

    5) Do not upload pictures containing your direct contact information.

    All the inappropriate or low quality pictures will be removed by the support team.  


  • There is an “add photo” option on your profile. Click on the «add photo» button under your main photo and you will be able to either upload a picture from the computer or Facebook. The photos will be approved by our support team within 24 hours.

  • You can upload 1 video to your profile. In the news feed you can upload an unlimited number of videos.

  • Upload a video to your profile in the "Video" section of your profile by clicking on the pencil. Video must comply with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • You can update all profile information. Click on “edit profile” option button in the horizontal menu right above your photos. You can change the basic data about yourself as well as the information in your profile, background and the search criteria as well as upload more photos and videos.

  • You can change your email and password in the information change section, connect the profile to Facebook or change basic information about you. 

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