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About him
Before meeting Tanya I could call myself an old bachelor. Of course I’ve had relationships before but they never led to marriage. I just didn’t feel that there is a woman in my country who I am ready to ask to be my wife… I am Finnish by nationality but have been living in Sweden for many years. And please don’t get me wrong, women in Sweden and Finland are good, but they don’t possess the values which are important to me, such as kindness, devotion and faithfulness. And when I had almost given up I met Tanya! She was everything!!! Beautiful, kind and determined. A few times our dates were accompanied by the matchmaker and then I offered her to meet face to face. She was scared neither of our language barrier, nor of the fact that I was the first foreigner she has ever met :) So I started coming to Ukraine every 3 months just to see her. She introduced me to her family and friends, we traveled around Ukraine together. After 1,5 years I have realized that I want to spend all my life with this woman.
About her
Our story began like a fairy tale for me. Kalervo was acting like a real gentleman. His every visit was very special, there were so many things I wanted to tell him and to do together with him! When we started discussing our marriage I confessed to him that for me and my parents it is very important to have a real wedding because every girl is dreaming to wear a white dress and have that first dance with her husband while the special song is playing. He accepted my dream and agreed even though I know that for him it would have been enough to just get married in the registry office. He is a very kind and caring husband and I can say that I finally found my happiness! It is not easy to get all the immigration documents in Sweden. Even though we are officially married my resident visa process is still going. That’s why now I can only stay in Sweden a certain time and then should come back to Ukraine not to break immigration rules. Being away from my husband is very difficult for me and I’m waiting for the moment when all the papers are ready and we can be together all the time.
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We have many plans, wishes and ideas. But right now of course our main priority is to finish all the paperwork, get the resident visa to be able to be together all the time.
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Happiness for Two! ))
Счастье для двоих )
А это мы путешествуем по Украине. Еще не женаты.
Мы обожаем проводить вместе время, эти минуты и часы бесценны.
We love spending time together. These minutes and hours are priceless.
Татьяна: "Красота Швеции поразила меня".
Tatiana: "The beauty of Sweden left me speechless".
Совместные хобби всегда объединяют. Не стоит бояться пробовать новые виды спорта и деятельности. Таня никогда в жизни не стояла на лыжах, но когда она попробовала, это стало одним из ее любимых занятий!

Common hobbies bring people closer to each other. You shouldn't be afraid to try new sports and activities. Tanya had never tried skiing, but once she did it became one of her favorite activities!
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