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Ukraine has always seemed like a good destination to me. So one day I decided that I should try to meet a woman from this country because they are all beautiful and I heard that family values are their priority. I got on the Internet and started my search... And it had taken me almost three years and at least five trips to Ukraine before I finally met my wife Nataliia. I guess when you meet the right person something inside you just clicks and you know that she is the one :) During our first meeting that took place in October 2016 I told her that I was going to come back in December to spend New Year's Eve with her and she did not take it seriously, but I actually did it! We had a great time with Nataliia, at that time she did not speak English or French so we had to ask Tatiana to help us with the translation a couple of times. In February 2017 Nataliia flied to visit me in France and after that I had no doubts any more, so I proposed to her and she made me very happy by saying YES :)

About her
I have never had a big dream to marry a foreigner and move to another country, that is why I signed up for the dating club without certain plans. One day I got a call from the club and was told that one Frenchman was asking me out… It was raining outside and I was not so much inspired by the idea of getting my hair done and putting makeup on, but I accepted the invitation anyway and till now I have had no regrets about it. During our first meeting I was attracted by Thierry’s intelligence, modesty and calm temper. And further on it got more and more interesting to get to know him. When he proposed to me in France I did not think of a language barrier or what I will do in France… I just said YES, I do and soon we got married :) I think that the hardest part for international couples is preparation of all the paperwork. I remember that I had to collect a bunch of different papers, then I had replace some of them with the new one because they were either wrong or have already expired. The most important thing during this time is to remain positive and be sure that you will work it out. The support and tranquility of my husband have been a great help for me!
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We have a calm and peaceful life. Our town Montelimar is small, but very cozy. I am retired and I have a lot of free time so I am gladly showing Nataliia France and other nearby countries. She is learning French, going to the gym and thinking of getting a part-time job as a hairstylist. For me it is very important that she feels comfortable in France. I told her that if she cannot get used to life there I have no problem moving to Ukraine.
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It's such a fun to become children again for some time and ride a carrousel ))
Как же весело на мгновение снова стать детьми и прокатиться на карусели ))
Мы обожаем проводить вместе время!
Монтелимар - маленький и спокойный городок во Франции. Поначалу мне было сложно привыкнуть к его спокойному образу жизни после большого и безумного Днепра. Но через несколько месяцев я начала наслаждаться его спокойствием, вкусной едой и чистым воздухом. Я все еще не чувствую себя как дома, потому что французский язык мне дается очень сложно, но я очень стараюсь! Хотя наверное если бы не современные технологии и возможность каждый день видеть родных людей по видео связи я бы очень сильно скучала... - Наташа

Montelimar is a small and peaceful town in France. At first it was hard for me to get used to its slow life pace after big and loud Dnipro (my hometown). But after a few months I started enjoying its tranquility, tasty food and clean air. I still can't feel like home there because I haven't learned French yet, but I'm trying my best! Also modern technology helps me a lot because I can see my family every day on the video... - Nataliia
It is very important to feel each other and enjoy the same kind of humor and fun as your soulmate :) We are different, we grew up on different films, cartoons and songs. But very often we find something to laugh about and then we cannot stop.Sometimes it's difficult to understand each other, but I can't imagine being married to anyone else than Nataliia. - Thierry

Очень важно быть на одной волне и иметь похожее чувство юмора со своим любимым человеком :) Мы разные, мы вырасли на разных фильмах, разных мультиках и музыке. Но очень часто мы находим повод вместе посмеяться и тогда мы уже не можем остановиться. Иногда нам бывает сложно друг друга понять, но я уже не могу себе представить жизнь с кем-то другим кроме Наташи. - Тьерри

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