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One of my dreams was to get married to an Ukrainian woman...It is well known that Ukrainian ladies are the most beautiful ladies in the world,they have an elegant style,they are good mothers, they take care of their children,they are educated,they know how to love,they can support you in difficult moments in life,and they always take care of their appearance. So when I felt that I was ready for the BIG trip, I took the first plane to Kiev to meet my future wife without any hesitations. I went in the Club and I watched some albums with ladies' photos and there were some information about each lady. So I made my choice and the same day I had the woman of my dreams in front of me.

From the first moment I realize that Victoria was who I was looking for. We met the next day as well and I left,telling her that I could come in two weeks if and only if I was the one that she was looking for.
It took me five days to had in my mail box the e-mail that I wanted. I proposed her in Kiev on St, Valentines day. We were siting in a restaurant and when I understood it was the right moment,I presented her a diamond ring.

She was hesitating,because she was not ready for a proposal so fast,It was our third meeting. I know that it was very fast but something inside me said that she was the one!!! I have come to Ukraine 16 times to meet her.She wanted to be sure about me,she came to Greece once and then she took her final decision.She said YES and in 6 months we got married.
About her
To begin with I will say that I never really dreamed of marrying a foreigner, or rather it was not my main goal. For me it didn’t really matter where the man is from, what his religion was or how he looked like. Of course, like many other single girls, I dreamed of a prince, but not on a white horse, I dreamed of meeting a beloved and loving, caring man next to whom I could feel like a real lady. My story of acquaintance with my husband is quite interesting and unpredictable for me) Even now I sometimes do not fully realize that all this happened with me and I'm married :) It all started in 2016, we got acquainted with Nick during his stay in Ukraine, we met almost by accident. He immediately became interested in me and invited me for the first date. Since I did not immediately understand the seriousness of his intentions, I hesitated for some time, but was too curious to say no. We had our first meeting in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of coffee. From the first meeting it seemed to me that I had already known this man. He spoke my words, sometimes even phrases, he was very open and sincere, I felt sincerity in his words. He conquered me with his sense of humor, showed his warmth to me in every possible way. I felt and knew that this person is very close to me in spirit, but I could not immediately reciprocate. Our first meeting ended and he promised to come back next weekend, I did not give my consent but said that we can exchange phone numbers to communicate and get to know each other a little closer. The next morning, I saw his first mail in my mailbox in which he mentioned our first meeting, told about himself, about his work and again asked if I wanted to see him in the near future! I did not hurry with the answer and we continued to communicate and exchange letters. After a week of our communication, he said that he would come to me on the weekend as he had a serious conversation for me, which is better discussed at the meeting. And here was our second meeting (it was on the Valentine's Day eve). We spent this evening in a romantic atmosphere, when Nick proposed to me! Then I was so excited that I even forgot name and did not know how to react to what was happening ... Nick told me that I should not worry because he does not insist on an early answer. He gave me the ring and said that he would wait for any answer, but would hope for a positive one! After this day we decided that we need to get to know each other more. Nick came to me almost every weekend, surrounded me with attention, care, we visited many interesting places, exhibitions, museums, zoos, theaters. I was amazed how carefully, and with tenderness and affection he treated me. He literally did not take his eyes off me, helped me absolutely in everything, was almost always on the phone. He finally won my heart, completely without a trace! I still had doubts and I suggested to live together for a while and then Nick flew for 2 weeks to Kiev. I was afraid to leave my country, my parents' job, friends and the usual way of life! Nick felt it and said that if I do not decide to move to him, he will decide to move to Ukraine. I already at that time understood that it was necessary to make a decision, since I wanted to be with this person, but could not make the final decision. Our first trip together for a couple of days to Lviv was lovely, I finally accepted his marriage proposal and we bought wedding rings. Then there was the preparation of the wedding, the acquaintance with the parents, and my first trip to Greece, which later became my second homeland. On July 14, 2016 we had a wedding in Kiev. After that, I got my Greek visa and went to Athens with my dear and loving husband. I have been living here since August 2016, I hadn’t been interested in this country before, but now I catch up and study its traditions, language, visiting and discovering new and incredibly beautiful places. In general, I fell in love with Greece. I consider it my home. In the beginning, probably like for many others, it was not easy, because my husband was at work, I was at home, there were no friends, after a while, I found friends, started studying the language, now I take driving lessons, and enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate, the sea the sun! I have always dreamed of traveling a lot and I was lucky enough to visit many places and countries! Our honeymoon we spent on a fabulous island with an incredibly beautiful sunset, Santorini! Our first trip abroad took place in the eternal city, where all roads lead where you can live your entire life for one vacation a few days, Rome. Then my cherished dream came true and I visited the city of continuous contrasts of charming Paris, spent an unforgettable day in Disney Land, where I want to return again, but with the children! I visited the Greek island with snow-white houses, with blue windows, mills and a huge number of clubs and beaches! Also my husband and I visited many cities in Italy (Pisa, Florence, Milan), but most of all I was struck by an amazing and fabulous city, where instead of roads there are canals, Venice! Of course, there are still many amazing places in the world that I really want to visit and get a new experience, a lot of impressions and photos :) And of course we are thinking about making our family grow, because we both want kids! That's probably the whole story, of course there are many more life moments that I want to share, but everything comes in its time :)
My plans/ Goals/ Dreams/ Life philosophy
We live a lovely family life that we were both dreaming of!  We have our dog Busia and soon we hope God gives us our first child. We are both very active and energetic therefore we often go out, we go to the gym, we travel within Greece and abroad. We want to visit different countries and live a happy family life together :)
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Наша собачка Буся - это наш верный спутник во всех путешествиях и приключениях.
Наша первая поездка за границу (Рим 20.12.2016). Отправились на экскурсию в Колизей.
This was our first trip abroad (Rome, Italy 20.12.2016). We went on excursion to Colosseum.
One month after our wedding that took place in Kiev on July 14th 2016, I had a great opportunity to attend a real traditional Greek wedding as a guest. Viktoriia
Буквально через месяц после нашей свадьбы, которая состоялась в Киеве 14.07.2016, впервые, в качестве приглашенных, у меня выпала возможность побывать на традиционной греческой свадьбе! Виктория
Winter Greek fairytale
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