The life is the realization of various energies: the energy of Fire, Earth, Water and Air elements. They reflect four main states of the Woman.
Hi everyone! Today we will talk about what happens if you already came to Ukraine, met some ladies but didn't like anyone of them.
The question of money is quite important in the modern world. The ability to make money and succeed is common to men and women, but the approach to saving, investing and spending money is different.
She’s like the most beautiful rose, like a bright sun ray in the nasty autumn weather, she’s like an embodiment of feminity and tenderness! Sensitive, kind-hearted, cute, smart and judicious woman, with the only one sight and one smile only she attracts a
It’s been 8 years already since our couple lives on the Jersey island which is situated in Great Britain. It’s hard to believe that 8 years passed since we are together! It seems we met only yesterday, but at the same time it feels like we spent the whole
Have you ever met a woman who broke into your life like a wind, who roared, spun you around and charmed you and remained in your memory forever? I have and her name is Elena. This fatal name was given to her for a reason, as she is the woman who can conqu
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