Celebration of Independence

Celebration of Independence
Lesia Yakhimovich

   24th of August is a special day for all Kievans and also all Ukrainians, because it is a day when the Ukrainian nation celebrates its Independence: separation from the Soviet Union and communistic dogmas and the beginning of unification with the world community.
   Independence days traditionally starts with variety of official events and festivals.
   Ukrainians and even our international guests wear traditionalembroidered shirts (vyshyvanky) with great pleasure on this day.
   The celebration starts with the speeches of state officials, the President and the Prime minister of Ukraine who congratulate the nation on this special holiday. The guests can see the military parade with modern military transport, equipment, weapon and even aviation. This military exhibition attracts a lot of attention of international guests and children, who love getting inside the tanks and enjoy attention of friendly officers and soldiers.
   The center of celebration is traditionally in Kiev, but all cities and towns hold many events to celebrate the 27th birthday of Ukraine.  
   After all official events and speeches the celebration continues with the entertainments to all tastes: concerts, patriotic games, lightshows, fairs and festivals. Usually you can see various patriotic flashmobs and exhibitions. For example, in 2016 the biggest flag of Ukraine was created in the National Museum of Architecture. This flag was made up with millions of blue and yellow live flowers.
   Also, each year Ukrainians make Vyshyvanka nationalembroidered shirt) chain. Everyone who has a vyshyvanka on can participate to make a chain of people which symbolizes unification of all regions or Ukraine.
On this day everyone can learn how to make national craft like special Ukrainian dolls, toys and household things made of clay, to learn special national ornaments and embroidery techniques.
   At the end of the day you can enjoy fantastic fireworks which  are launched over Dnipro river in Kiev so people from all over the city can enjoy an amazing view.

   The whole country is united by the joy and unity of the national spirit. It is indeed a happy holiday. When each guest can find entertainment to their taste on the 24th of August.

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