Results of the seminar «I and my money. Money in a woman's life»

Results of the seminar «I and my money. Money in a woman's life»
Christina Mazur

   The question of money is quite important in the modern world. The ability to make money and succeed is common to men and women, but the approach to saving, investing and spending money is different. Besides, if a woman and a man are in relationship the problem of distribution of money between the partners can become a reason of many disagreements. First of all, it is necessary to understand what relationships a woman has with money to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments.

   Dmitry Solomatin, the speaker of the seminar “Me and my money. Money in the life of a woman” discussed the topics of selfactualization and relationship with money. The psychologist emphasized that many problems rise because on the way to financial success that are many obstacles which are not even realized by a person. According to Dmitry, the therapy gives the most stable results in the process of overcoming the inner fear and transforms them into experience.

   It is extremely important to have a conscious approach to the situation and the control over it, otherwise the lack of understanding of the reasons will cause the negation in other spheres as well. It is necessary for a woman to be able to realize the financial situation in the family and find the ways to build the relationship with her husband where he will be her financial anchor and will support his wife to gain financial independence.

   The traditional paradigm presupposes that the man makes more money which allows his wife to feel vulnerable and depend on her husband to some extent. During the seminar the ladies had the opportunity to understand some questions that are important to them. During the discussion the participants could simulate the situations and find the effective solutions for them.

   The meeting helped the ladies to broaden their outlook on financial situations and moderate their personal relationships with money.  The new skills will help the ladies to have healthy relations with money as well as build happy relationships with men.





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