Results of the master class «Me and Natural Elements»

Results of the master class «Me and Natural Elements»
Christina Mazur

    The life is the realization of various energies: the energy of Fire, Earth, Water and Air elements. They reflect four main states of the Woman. These for natural elements are realized within four main states of the Woman: the state of Lover, Housekeeper, Girl and Queen and a woman can reach happiness through these four states.
At the master-class “Me and Natural Elements” the speakers David and Lilia Zarechny helped the ladies to sense all four states of the woman through art-therapy. The ladies could see themselves in their other states in the paintings they made by themselves. When the question of elements is resolved the ladies can have a clear vision of their own life path, to understand the reason of failures, to live complete and conscious lives.

    The ladies could receive valuable knowledge about what is important for them. At the event the participants happily shared their own experience and got useful comments and advices from the speakers.

    David and Lilia are the perfect example of complete and happy relationship build on harmony and love. The psychologists use their own experience, professional knowledge and attitude to help the ladies to work through the individual problems and also inspire the ladies to work in groups to gain emotional health.  









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