Fantastic Oksana

Fantastic Oksana
Natalia Ivakhno
Club's senior manager

   She’s like the most beautiful rose, like a bright sun ray in the nasty autumn weather, she’s like an embodiment of feminity and tenderness! Sensitive, kind-hearted, cute, smart and judicious woman, with the only one sight and one smile only she attracts all sights and attention, her pleasant voice sounds with a melody of love and tenderness… When you listen to her, you feel a kind of harmony, heart’s-ease and eupathy in your soul…
   Oksana is a person of incredible sincerity, openness and innocence, she’s a woman with a very pleasant aura, she possess a fantastic internal energy and belief in success! She’s a great partner in conversation, she can keep even the most “men’s” topics with her heart open for everything new and interesting. Yes, Oksana is wise and acute person, but her education and good manners will not allow her to brag about her mind. Regarding relations with men, Oksana adheres to the traditional Slavic family values. She sincerely wants to build a family, to become a loving, caring wife and muse for her beloved, one and only man. In a man Oksana appreciates intellect and common sense, calmness and self-confidence, desire and ability to love sincerely. Oksana wants her man to be not only a beloved person, but her friend, equal partner in life! In return Oksana will give him her caress, attention, tenderness, warmth and love.
   Oksana is a very beautiful and slim woman. Sports, joga, healthy nutrition and a good rest play a very important role in her life. A sound mind in a sound body, that is her life motto!
When you know Oksana a little bit better, you suddenly realize one simple thing: her tender, kind heart is filled with unfailing love and she is ready to share this love with her one and only man.

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