Refund policy


   You can use your credit card or bank remittance to recharge your personal credit balance. We use the most reliable Ukrainian payment service - Liqpay that is a part of the biggest national bank of Ukraine - Privatbank First you need to log into your account and choose a way of payment in the «Balance» section.

   Your credit card details are not being saved anywhere during the transaction and cannot be used by anyone but you. We guarantee the safety of payment because the money transactions and your personal data are strictly confidential.

   The Website does not save and has no access to any information on your credit card.

   All payments are made with the encrypted coding technology of one of the world leading payment providers.

   You need to have enough credits on your balance to be able to buy the membership or pay for services not included in membership.

   Please, recharge your credits on time to be able to use the site features with no limits. The Website does not charge any additional commission for money transfer.

   Warning! Some banks can charge additional commission for money transfer. Take into consideration the peculiarities of effecting payments while recharging your credit balance.


   100% of unused credits on your balance can be returned to your credit card. You need to send your request for the refund of remaining credits to the Support team.

   The refund of remaining credits is possible only if the user's profile is active and is made withing 30 days after the refund confirmation of the Support team.

   Warning! During the refund of remaining credits, the bank can write-off a commission from the receiver.

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