Terms of Use Agreement

1. General

1.1. According to Terms of Use Agreement, further «the Agreement», private limited liability company «Stratford Group» (further «the Company») provides the users of https://d2r.club (further “the Website”) with the right to use the services of the Website. All present existing services, also any development of already existing or new services, including the change of their cost is the subject of this Agreement.

1.2. The User, an individual who has come of age (is at least 18 years old) accepts the terms of the Agreement and possesses full legal capacity, has private e-mail address and has complete access to it, where the User is able to receive registration confirmation e-mail form the Website. In case of violation of this term, the Company does not bear responsibility, but the responsibility for the violation of this term is held by parents or other legal representatives (adoptive parents, foster parents) of the User, who has not reached the necessary age.

1.3. This Agreement is the public Formal Offer of the Company. According to the statement of articles 633, 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine the terms of public formal offer is equal for all Users and cannot be interpreted as the establishment of agent or partner relations between the User and the Company.

1.4. The Agreement is concluded and acquires the legal power from the moment when the User does the actions (acceptance) required by the Formal Offer which mean unconditional consent of the User with the terms of the Agreement and acceptance of all terms of Formal Offer without any changes, exceptions or limitations. If the User does not accept the terms of Formal Offer completely, the utilization of the Website by this User is not allowed. The conclusion of this Agreement is carried out by the acceptance of the terms of this Agreement (Formal Offer) according to articles 633, 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the terms of which are defined further in this text and can be accepted by the User only by means of affiliation regulated by article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. The User is considered to have accepted the terms of the Agreement in full after completing the registration procedure. The registration of the User on the Site is an expression of written consent to all terms of the Agreement and confirmation of the fact of concluding a contract for the provision of services between the Company and the User under the terms of the Agreement.

1.5. Current edition of the Agreement is located at https://d2r.club/ru/usloviya-i-pravila page. The Agreement can be changed without any special notification. The new edition of the Agreement

takes effect from the moment of its confirmation by the Company and is considered as brought to knowledge of the User from the moment of its publication on the Website. In case if the Company altered the Agreement, including the change of Service denominations and/or their cost, which are not agreeable by the User, the one has to stop using the services of the Website.


2. Website Utilization Procedure

2.1. As part of the Agreement the Company undertakes to provide paid and (or) free services to the User. The Company provides the User with the access to the social network suitable for viewing the following content: posted profile data, photos, pictures and video-presentations, postings on personal account pages, communication service by means of automated translator and other services of the Website.

2.2. The registration of Users on the Website is free of charge and it gives the opportunity to create personal accounts and provides the right to manage personal account. The User takes the responsibility for the agreement of the posted content with the law including the liability towards the third part, including the copyright violation and/or violation of other rights of the third parties.

2.3. All Users can use the paid services of the Website, according to Annex 1 “Specification of Paid Services”. The User who paid for one or more paid services is provided with (all, or adequate) paid services of the Website which are included into the paid service package in full. Before paying the User gets full information about the terms of the paid services. The User's consent to receive paid service and one's agreement with the terms of provision of these services is deemed to be received after the confirmation of the User's agreement to make payment in the related part of the Website.

2.4. The service of communication by means of automated translator is free for the female Users under condition of posting professional pictures and filling all the fields of the account. The service of communication by means of automated translator for male Users can be free during the 5-day trial period under condition of filling in all the fields of the account and posting at least three own pictures of the User. The trial period can be used by the male Users who reside on the territory of European Union, the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South African Republic.

2.5. The Company does not guarantee the uprise of the mutual interest between the Users and also does not guarantee that the services will always meet the requirements of the User. The User recognizes and accepts the fact that they on their own have to evaluate the risks connected with the usage of the content posted on the Website by other Users, including the estimation of its safety, comprehensiveness and usefulness.

2.6. The Company cannot guarantee 100% fail safe, fast, reliable and error-free work of all the services of the Website. The Company cannot guarantee that the results received during the utilization of the Website services will be precise, reliable and can be used for official confirmation of any facts.

2.7. The Company has the right to send the Website Users informational messages.

2.8. The Company has the right to manage the statistic information connected with the Website functioning. For the purpose of functional administration and technical support of the Website, the Company has the technical ability to access the personal pages of the Users, which is converted only in cases defined by this Agreement and the law.

2.9. The Company has the right to send the User information about the development of the Website and its services and also advertise its own activity and services.


3. Prolongation and termination of the Agreement procedure

3.1. In order to use the services of the Website, the User has to go through the registration procedure. The Registration on the Website is free of charge.

3.2. The User guarantees that the posted information and materials are characteristic of their own personality and consents the data check by the Company. The User takes their own responsibility for safety of chosen at their discretion password and provides security of their password. During the registration the User must post authentic and full personal information in offered fields in registration form and keep this information in current status.

3.3. The Company reserves the right to block (suspend the service provision) or delete the account of the User any time and/or delete any content of the User unannounced in case of violation of the Agreement by the User, reasonable complaint received from the third party and/or realization of the relevant claim from the public authorities or court of law. In this case the cost of services paid by the User but not provided by the Website by the time of suspension of service provision (blocking, deleting of the account) is not refundable.

3.4. Deleting of the User's account is also possible any time after the User's consent to delete the account applied in written form to Support support@d2r.club from the e-mail address used during the User's registration on the Website. Written consent about the intention to delete the User's account is established to prevent the abuse activity.

3.5. It is forbidden to create accounts of individuals who are already registered (or were registered) on the Website.

3.6. It is prohibited to use the services of the Website by the Users in order to make profit.


4. Exclusive Rights

4.1. All objects accessible by means of the services of the Website, including design elements, text, graphic images, video and other objects (further “the Materials”) and any content posted on the Website are the objects of the exclusive rights of the Company, the Users and other copyrighters accordingly.

4.2. The Materials of the Website and any other content posted on the Website cannot be used without prior permission of the copyrighters.

4.3. The User's utilization of the Materials and any other content in private, non-commercial objectives is possible under condition of preservation of all copyright symbols, logotypes and of the object unchanged. The exclusions are provided by the cases explicitly stated by the Law of Ukraine or this Agreement.


5. Content and Personal Data of the Users Utilization

5.1. All personal data about the User is saved and maintained by the Company according to the terms of the Client Personal Data Protection clause of “Stratford Group” LLC. The Company undertakes to abide by the personal data security rights legislation in accordance with the Law of Ukraine issued on 01.06.2010 N № 2297-VI (ed. 30.01.2018) “On Personal Data Security” and all amendments to this Law made during the period of the Agreement validity.

5.2 The user agrees that the following information will be collected, processed and stored:
- e-mail address and phone number;
- personal information that the User
states in the profile;
- correspondence through the
- statistics of page views, incoming and outgoing traffic to the Site, adding data, including the IP address and standard website log information.

5.3. Maintenance of User's personal data is carried out in accordance with the law of Ukraine. The Company maintains the personal data of the User in order to provide adequate services to the User and support of operations of the Website. The Company implements all necessary measures to protect the personal data of the User from unauthorized access, alteration, revelation or termination.

5.4. The Company gives access to the User's personal data only to those officials, contractors and agents of the Company, who need this information to provide operation of the Website and services to the User. Providing personal information to the User who ordered the "Receipt of personal information of another User" service (surname, email address, telephone number) for further communication and building of relations is possible only with the prior consent of the owner of personal data (User). The Company has the right to use the information provided by the User, including personal data, in order to maintain current statutory requirements of Ukraine (including the cases of prevention and/or termination of illegal and/or illegitimate actions of the User). Revelation of the information provided by the User can take place only in accordance with the current statutory requirements of Ukraine by request of the Court, law enforcement agencies and other statutorily required cases.

5.5. Conclusion of the current Agreement in present form is admitted by the Sides as the consent of the User to have their personal data maintained and the User consents that the Company has the right to utilize all current materials (including photo-/videomaterials) and information posted by the User on the Website without additional permission of the User in any quantity and by any means which are not forbidden by the current statutory requirements of Ukraine and also gives permission to get messages from the Company (including messages of advertising content).

5.6. If it is not proven otherwise by the User, any actions with their login or password are considered to be performed by the User. In case of unauthorized access to login or password and/or personal page of the User, or revelation of login and password, the User must inform the Company about this case immediately by means of emailing to the address support@d2r.club .


6. Liability

6.1. The Company and the User bear the responsibility adequate to the current statutory requirements of Ukraine for nonperformance or improper performance of the terms of the Agreement.

6.2. During the Website utilization it is expressly prohibited for the User:

- to deliver personal data (family name, e-mail address, phone number, logins of communication services like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Jabber Instagram etc.), links to the User's personal pages outside the Website, postal address in any other way but through “Obtaining Personal Information” service;

- to arrange the place and time of meeting if the service “Obtaining Personal Information” was not implemented;

- to post content which is harmful, defamatory, damages morality, demonstrates (or popularizes) violation and cruelty, contains humiliating messages addressed to any individual or organization, violates intellectual property rights, contains elements (or popularizes) pornography, children erotics, is of advertisement character (or popularizes) sex/escort services (including under the guise of other services), popularizes race, ethnic, gender, religious, social hatred and/or discrimination, explains the way of production, usage or other utilization of narcotic agents, explosives or other weapons;

- to attempt to get the financial aid or presents in any way, including but not limited to fraud, malpractice etc. during the communication with the User;

- in chat communication with other users to refer (to post a link) to any other recourses, portals and social net media except YouTube;

- to pass the access to personal data and personal contact information of third parties;

- to download to the Website the data that contains bot-infected computer programs;

- to post/or share at the Website promotional content, spam, any other materials that contain viruses or other computer codes meant for breakdown or operational destroying of any computer or communication devices or programs, and to refer to the net resources which have content that contradicts the current statutory requirements of Ukraine;

- to perform activity or use the services of the Website in a way that negatively influences the access of the services to other users;

- to use other Users' names and other Users' passwords;

- to perform the commercial data harvesting of other accounts;

- to misinform other Users on own personality, age and gender. To download, save, post (including by means of posting photo-/video materials), share and give access or to utilize in any way the information that contains: threats, defamation, humiliation, discreditation of honor, dignity and business reputation or invasion of the inviolability of other Users' or third party's personal life, representation of intoxicated people or people in the unappealing state (aesthetically unattractive) which contradicts generally accepted morals, presentation (demonstration) of weapon, spirits and narcotic drugs, demonstration of offensive gestures including middle finger up gesture, the links to other websites or contact data of resources with inhuman cruelty to animals, description of ways and means of suicide and any encouragement to its commitment, extremist materials, information of limited access including but not limited to state or commercial confidentiality, information about private life including the life of third party, advertisement or description of pleasure of usage of narcotic agents including “digital narcotics” (sound files that influence human brain by means of binaural rhythms), pictures, photographs and videomaterials of animals, monuments and cartoon characters, architecture objects and celebrities;

- to post information that violates the rights and legal interests of the third party (including posting the photographs and videomaterials main character of which is a person who did not give permission to post these materials on the Website);

- to post information that violates the rights of under-aged individuals;

- to post information that is vulgar or indecent, contains pornographic images and texts or the scenes of sexual character;

- to perform illegal harvesting, saving or sharing of personal information of other users;

- to post information that violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal bodies and legislative requirements of Ukraine.

6.3. At the page with main User's picture only pictures of the User are accepted. As a picture of User (avatar) only pictures with the User in them are accepted. It is not accepted to post User's pictures:

- with the third part (group photographs);

- cut photographs (for example, picture of separate body part);

- photographs of bad quality that prevent recognition of the User (unrecognized face features etc);

- in dark glasses (sunglasses) that hide part of User's face;

- photographs made with too distant perspective that prevents User's identification or makes User's identification difficult.


7. Confidentiality and personal data protection

7.1. The User is an individual who provides personal data including name, family name, birth-date, phone number, e-mail address, during the registration and service utilization according to the Agreement.

7.2. By providing personal data in agreeable volume the User (the Subscriber) who is an individual consents that the personal data will become public (only name, age, specified place of dwelling, parental and marital status are accessible to other users) and consents its utilization by the Company by automatic means as well as non-automatic means, in particular harvesting, saving and maintaining the data in order to cooperate according to the Agreement, sharing it with the agents and the third parties who act upon agreements with the Company in order to complete obligation towards the User.

7.3. The Company processes the provided personal data:

- for registration of the User at the Website;

-for compliance of its obligation towards the User;

- for evaluation and analyzing of the cooperation with the User;

- for sending out the informational and marketing materials, including text messages.

7.4. The Company is obliged not to disclose the User's personal data. Disclosure of information according to reasonable and employed legal requirements is not considered as the breach of obligation.

7.5. The User is obliged not to disclose the information that is considered as trade secret of the Company in case if such information was revealed to the User. According to the Agreement the trade secret is the information of manufacturing, technical, economical, organizational character including the results of intellectual activity and the information about the means of performing of professional activity which is of current or potential commercial value due to unavailability of it to the third parties which does not have legal access to this information.

7.6. The User is solely liable for provision of authentic information and personal data and for updating this data in case of any changes. In case of provision of unauthentic information/incorrect data, The Company is not liable for completion of any obligation according to the Agreement and is not liable towards the third parties whose information by mistake (or on any other reason) was put on the form during the registration of the User or was used by the latter in the process and/or for service consuming (obligation completion) according to the Agreement. In case of a claim connected with the maintenance of personal data of the third parties to the Company, also in case of the Company's losses connected with such case, the User is due to compensate this loss on first demand of the Company.


8. Help and Support

8.1. The User by means of registration at the Website expresses written consent to receive from the Company any reference information materials that contain information about the news, discounts, promotions and other information reasons connected with the Website and the Services, and news of the Website partners including by means of e-mail, text messages, postal items and by other means.

8.2. The User has the right in any moment to unsubscribe from mailing by means of addressing the Support with the adequate inquiry.

8.3. This Agreement is regulated and interpreted in accordance with the current statutory requirements of Ukraine and is applicable for all users of the Website. All aspects which were not regulated by this Agreement are due to be resolved in accordance with the law of Ukraine.


9. Final provisions

9.1. The Website and its services, including all annexes, content and the web-design of the Website are provided “as they are”. The Company denies any guarantee that the Website or its services can be suitable or unsuitable for certain aims of utilization. The Company cannot guarantee or promise any special results after the Website and/or its services utilization.

9.2. The Company or its representatives in any case do not bear responsibility before the User or before the third parties for any indirect, accidental, unintended loss including the lost profit or lost data, damage to honor and dignity or business reputation caused by the utilization of the Website, the Website content or other materials to which the User or other people got access by means of the Website, even if the Website administration warned or informed about such possibility.

9.3. The Company or its representatives in any case do not bear responsibility before the User or before the third parties for any misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the terms of the Agreement in part of data posting and other technical issues.

9.4. In case of nullification or repealing of any part of the Agreement, other parts of the Agreement are valid.

9.5. The Company any time without prior notification of the User can yield the rights due to the Agreement with the third part.


Addresses and Details

Co. Ltd. “Stratford Group”


Ivan Sliota St 49

Company Registeration Code: 41861970
Personal account: 26002055814689
MFO: 311744
VAT Number: the company is not a VAT payer

e-mail: info@stratfod.group






Annex 1 to the Agreement

Specification of paid services

For Female users (the detailed description of services is available by link https://d2r.club/ru/servisy):
- Photoshoot

The service includes: organization of photoshoot, necessary make-up, consulting on style of clothes for photoshoot, professionally processed photographs.

Period of validity: one-time
Cost: according to the chosen professional specified on the Website.

- Make-up

The service of professional make-up artist.
Period of validity: one-time
Cost: according to the chosen professional specified on the Website.

- Therapist consultation
The service of professional therapist.

Period of validity: one-time
Cost: according to the chosen professional specified on the Website.

- Nutritionist consultation

The service of professional nutritionist.

Period of validity: one-time
Cost: according to the chosen professional specified on the Website.

- Matchmaker consultation
The service of professional matchmaker.

Period of validity: one-time
Cost: according to the chosen professional specified on the Website.

- The Course of English for Relationship
The English course is designed for people who communicate in order to build relationship with a foreign partner.

Period of validity: one-time
Cost: according to the chosen professional specified on the Website.

- Presents

The service of delivery of a chosen item to the specified User.

Period of validity: one-time
Cost: according to the chosen present item specified on the Website.


For Male Users (detailed description of the services is available by the link https://d2r.club/en/servisy):


- Personal Manager assistance

The Service includes: aid package of Personal Manager on the Website utilization: consulting, favoring, selection of Users adequate to the customer search criteria, information aid during the visit to CIS countries, date arrangements etc.

Period of Validity: 30 days

Cost: 249 Euro


- Obtaining of personal information

The Service includes: providing the personal contact information of other user (family name, e-mail address, phone number) for further communication and building relationship. It is provided only by consent of the User whose personal contact information is requested.

The service is possible only under condition of confirmation of identity of the User-customer by means of providing the Support team with the photo-fixation of the document which proves the family name, name, and appearance of the User-customer.

Period of Validity: one-time

Cost: 100 Euro (200 Euro in case if the communication period between the users is less than 30 days.)

- Skype meeting

The Service includes: 30 minutes of communication with the User with the assistance of professional English-Russian/Ukrainian translator.

Period of Validity: 30 min

Cost: 30 Euro


- Personal meeting arrangement

The Service includes: meeting arrangements for the User, recommendation on location, negotiation with both parts.

Period of Validity: one-time

Cost: 100 Euro

- Gifts

The Service includes: delivery of chosen gift item to the specified User.

Period of Validity: one-time

Cost: according to the chosen gift item specified on the Website.

Live support